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Since 1997, flicflac has been the top address in the Pfäffikon SZ region for


  • preparatory courses for exams

  • individual tuition

  • group courses


Our teachers are not only dedicated to what they do: they have a very good feeling for the needs of those they teach, large or small, and enjoy what they are doing.


Time and again, we have been told that lessons at flicflac are great fun.


As the head of the school, I am delighted to hear this and I look forward to being able to advise you.


Yours, Irene Portmann

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Helping Tutor

Private tutoring

for all subjects up to the Matura

School Application

Grammar school entrance exam

All relevant subjects for long and short term gymnastics

Chalkboard with Different Languages


English, German, French

Study Group

Matura preparation

All subjects including proofreading of the Matura thesis

Adult Education Course

Lessons for adults

International language certificates, vocational school, remedial teaching


Correction work

German English French

Children Embracing in Circle


Holiday and ‘Deciphering’ tuition

Distance Learning

Blended learning & online lessons

Distance learning - since 2016 in flicflac quality!

Parents and Daughter


Advice for interested parents

Quickly organised:        
Kanti preparation on Saturday afternoon with all subjects - except for essay writing.
Start: 4 November 2023 from 1.30 p.m. to 5.45 p.m. (a total of 56 lessons of 60 minutes each) more information here

Our courses for Kanti preparation on Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoons are all fully booked. There are already several courses with the same content running in parallel and now our room capacity is bringing us to our knees - of our total of nine classrooms, only five are large enough to hold courses in.
We are therefore offering additional courses on Saturday afternoons for Kanti preparation. Content: The complete examination material for mathematics and the two foreign languages. Only the essay is missing from the German lessons. We recommend attending our essay courses, which take place several times a year.
And the calculation works out:
Saturday afternoon course + essay course
= comprehensive course


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