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Dear Mrs Portmann,

S. has passed the C1 Advanced. A ❤️ big thank you to you and Joanna for your support, especially Joanna’s empathy and patience. S. is overjoyed.

Dear Mrs Portmann,

The Chemistry exam was a real surprise. My daughter got a 5.35. She’s never had such a good grade in Chemistry before. Thank you very much for your help, which contributed significantly to her success.

Best regards, A. O.

Dear Mrs Portmann,

Our daughter has passed the entrance exam for the short-term grammar school. All of us – my husband, our daughter and I – are very satisfied with the quality of the tuition at flicflac.

Dear Mrs Portmann, dear Teaching Team


We’re overjoyed!!! My son L. has passed the entrance exams to the vocational school and to the computer science secondary school. Thank you very much for the great preparation in the intensive course during the sports holiday and for the French tuition, from which L. really benefited a lot.


As I said, we’re very happy and give flicflac 5 out of 5 stars.

Dear Mrs Portmann,   

I’m pleased to inform you that my son has passed the entrance exam for BMS.... :O))

Thank you and enjoy a restful Easter.

Yours sincerely, C. R.

Hello Mrs Portmann and Team

My son T. has passed the exam and he’s overjoyed about his success. He really enjoyed his time at flicflac and was able to benefit a lot. He found it great that the teachers were able to explain the material well and were motivated. We’re giving flicflac 5 out of 5 stars.

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