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General terms and conditions

  1. A normal lesson lasts 60 minutes and costs CHF 86. Lessons can also be booked for 90 minutes (CHF 129), 120 minutes (CHF 172), 150 minutes (CHF 215) or 180 minutes (CHF 258). These prices are only valid for lessons that are held regularly and at a regular time (e.g. every Monday from 16.00 to 17.30 or every second Wednesday from 15.00 to 17.00 etc.). For rebookings (changing the time or the day of the week) a rebooking/administration fee of CHF 12 will also be charged.

  2. Where it is known well in advance that attendance will not be possible (e.g. a doctor’s appointment, a class trip etc.), no charge will be made provided we are informed in good time: for lessons on a Monday, cancellation must be received by 12.00 noon on the previous Friday at the latest, otherwise cancellation must be at least 48 hours in advance for the lessons not to be charged. Free cancellation only applies to lessons that take place on a regular basis.

  3. If the cancellation notice is received between 48 and 24 hours in advance (Monday lessons: by the previous Friday at 18.00), this will be charged with a rebooking/administration fee of CHF 12 – the lesson itself will not be charged.

  4. If notice of cancellation is received less than 24 hours in advance (Monday lessons: after 18.00 on the previous Friday), the lesson will be charged in full. 

  5. We also have to charge for the lesson in the case of illness if the teacher cannot be informed in time that the lesson is cancelled.

  6. The following applies to all notifications of cancellation: these must be made by the parents in the case of underage pupils. Underage pupils cannot cancel lessons.

  7. Upon request, flicflac teachers will also contact the teachers at the public schools or private schools that the pupils attend daily as part of their compulsory education. For conversations or written communication with teachers or for feedback to parents, the time spent is charged at an hourly rate of CHF 86. 

  8. Private tuition is invoiced in the middle of the following month. In the event of late payment, a reminder will be sent; in the event of further late payment, a reminder with a processing fee of CHF 20 will be issued.

  9. In the case of courses, the fee is due before the start of the course. If desired, payment can also be made in instalments. If a participant ceases attending a course, the course fee must be paid in full. Credit notes cannot be issued.

  10. If you book a preparatory course that covers several subjects, you cannot skip a particular subject (e.g. English) and ask for more lessons in another subject (such as German, Mathematics or French) instead.

  11. Course days missed due to illness cannot be repeated. However, if there is a course taking place later that covers the missed material, and there is a free place on this course once it has already started, the pupil can repeat the lessons he or she has missed.

  12. If course lessons are missed, the course material must either be collected from flicflac or arrangements must be made for it to be handed over to a fellow pupil, e.g. to one who attends the same school.

  13. If course lessons are missed, it is not possible to scan and then email the course material to the pupil (see point 12).

  14. Pupils are responsible for bringing their course material to the lesson. When pupils forget to do this, and our teacher has to copy the material again during the class, the pupil in question will be invoiced.

  15. Doing homework is an important part of exam preparation. If pupils attending preparatory courses do not do the homework that has been set for them, we first talk to the pupils concerned. If they continue to show up for the course without having done their homework, we inform their parents.

  16. It is strictly forbidden to mark or damage desks, chairs and other furnishings in any way. Parents must pay for any costs incurred.

  17. Desks, chairs and floors must be left clean. Eraser rubbings and pencil sharpener shavings etc. must be disposed of in the wastepaper basket provided and must not be left on the floor or the desk.

  18. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children attend the booked courses regularly. Pupils must observe the times of the lesson. 

  19. flicflac Zentrum für Bildung und Coaching GmbH reserves the right to change teachers during a semester and to reassign teachers.

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